Determine Whether Your Website Is Search Engine Optimized Or Not


If you have noticed that your website does not achieve high rankings on search engine lists or your ranking wavers everytime Google updates then you are probably in need of SEO services.

While many websites dont realize theyre ignoring SEO or actively making it difficult for Google to discover their content. These three things are a definite sign that your SEO needs improvement:

Firstly, if you do a Google site search for your site ( and fewer results than the number of pages your website actually has are generated.

Secondly, your URLs are filled with random symbols and numbers that dont make sense to visitors

Finally, your page titles are irrelevant to what is actually written on the website.

Once you have determined that your website is not Search Engine Optimized you can Hire SEO Expert to ensure that any optimization you choose to go ahead with will have the optimal results on your ranking.

SEO Services Provider 2

A SEO consultant will help you determine if your Site is Long Tail or Head

“Head sites aim to rank well for common terms that are searched for thousands of times a day, like how to get a job. Long tail websites, on the other hand, try to rank well on Google search results for specific, more uncommon searches. Both aim at attracting search volumes that, when combined, total that of the more common keywords. This, however, depends on your business and if you are aiming at a local target audience or a nationwide one. A SEO consultant will successfully categorize your website thus coming up high on the rankings when specific items are searched.

SEO services will Organize Your Content Using Bread Crumb Navigation;

Google should have the ability to easily understand what is written on your website. Google “reads” your website by using spiders that crawl through your content when they come to a random page, they try to follow the links on that page to get to other pages. A SEO Expert knows how to create content that enables Google to do so easily thus quickly indexing your whole website and pulling pages in to its search results.

An SEO consultant will then Optimize Your Page Titles

On a Google search, the blue links displayed below the main result are the websites page titles. So, if you have accurate and descriptive page titles, Google will better be able to know if your content is relevant to what the searcher is looking for and determine whether it should show it to its users. This also applies to the content of the website as Google also crawls the text of the page, including headers and subheads. A SEO Consultant will know how to make sure that those are reflective of the content and strategically include keywords throughout your content

hire SEO professional - hire SEO professional

Hire SEO Expert to Build Original Content

In its attempt to offer high quality Internet Google wants to direct its visitors to original primary content. SEO services always include fresh, unique content. This is due to the fact that, if your content is of high quality, unique and answers to a very specific query, there is a high chance youll be rewarded by Google.

SEO Services will also ensure you Get Inbound Links

Google wants to send users to websites that are considered experts in a subject area. Google does this by seeing if reputable sites are linking to you and checks the words those websites use to link to you. It does this in order to understand what your site is about. Google may also look at social cues like tweets, Facebook likes, and Google +1s to calculate relevance. A SEO consultant knows how to get good inbound links by producing content that other sites on the web cant help but link to you.


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